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Book & cover design

Toben Lewis, Baile Mor’s resident designer, has over 15 years experience in the publishing and design and industry. He is trained in typesetting, typography, layout, and graphic communication. He has a passion for books, not just as a designer but also as a reader and collector, and this strong affiliation comes through clearly in his careful and expert designs.

If you’re looking for a one of kind, professional design for your book interior and cover, Toben can help you. If you wouldn’t dream of using a template to write your book, then why let it down after all your hard work with an off-the-shelf template design? Toben approaches each book in it’s own right and designs it sympathetic to the subject, content, and your target market.

Get in touch with Toben today to discuss any projects you have: self publishing or traditional, cover design, book layout, or ebook conversions.

Toben also loves to sink his teeth into many other types of long-format layout and design, such as reports, newsletters, magazines, catalogues, dissertations, and much more.