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Iona of my heart

Iona of my heart


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As a resident of Iona, I have a soft spot for St. Columba. He arrived here in 563. Many erroneously think of him as ‘founding’ Iona, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Iona has long been a centre of importance. Prehistoric remains of settlements have been discovered here and in the days of marine highways it was an important cross roads. In all likelihood he arrived to a small, busy island and made his home here. What he did bring to Iona, however, was a new centre of learning and letters adding to it’s importance in the region. He’s also considered by some to be a patron saint of bookbinders.

This is a handmade A5 Japanese stab bound book with blank pages. Front and back covers are re-purposed postcard from the Isle of Iona featuring a quote attributed to St Columba in both English and Gaelic, in colours inspired by the Sound of Iona. Bound with waxed Irish linen thread. Interior book block has 50 pages of 80gsm laid paper.

Beautiful gift for someone seeking a unique sketchbook, journal, or notebook.

These books are made to order, so requests regarding type of paper, amount of pages, or colour of thread can be made. Please message with questions or for further information.

The quote reads:
Iona of my heart
Iona of my love
Instead of monks voices
Shall be the lowing of cattle
And ere the world shall come to an end
Iona shall be as it was

An I mo chridhe
I mo graidh
An ait guth manaich bidh geum
Ba ach mun tig an saoghal
Gu crich bithidh
I mar a bha


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