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Little botanical books

Little botanical books




These little gems are traditionally made using what’s commonly called the Japanese stab binding technique – though it was seen in many other countries as well. The pages are folded the opposite of what you would expect in a typical western book, with the loose edges bound together at the spine with soft and strong silk thread.

What’s decidedly untraditional about these units is the materials used. The covers use much more modern patterns and designs, all with floral and/or leaf motifs. The pages inside are all blank and ready for you to fill as you see fit. Three are stuffed with Conqueror laid wedgewood, which has a slight blue tinge, and the other two with smooth white cartridge paper.

Each book is 10.5cm wide by 8.5 cm tall.

Additional information

Cover paper

Dark blue, Mustard yellow, Pink, White, Green-grey


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