Published On: 27 November 2019167 words0.8 min read

How do I say this without using a horribly clichéd pun like… well here’s a turn out for the books?

I am beyond excited to say that I have been awarded a scholarship from The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Fund, which “funds the education of talented and aspiring craftspeople through traditional college courses, apprenticeships or one-to-one training with master craftspeople”.

This means a massive amount to me, which is perhaps why I’m struggling to find the right words (even more than usual).

Those fortunate enough to become part of the QEST family have said receiving the scholarship has been the turning point in their career. With this support, I will be able to spend a lot of time over the next year studying and working with some of the most experienced and skilled bookbinders in the UK and Europe. It is a huge honour, a great responsibility, and being the massive nerd that I am I’m very excited to get learning. I love learning.