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Blank books and artists books ready to be re-homed

  • Hand bound book with brightly coloured heilan coos, a rainbow spine, and photos of Iona tucked inside the covers.

  • Hand bound book with retro Irn Bru branding and recycled Flat White pages.

  • A decidedly modern book design paired with the more classic materials of leather and Harris Tweed in colours evoking the seas around Scotland. 

  • Join me for a Wednesday afternoon session to get a taste of bookbinding. Learn how to make your own book and leave with new skills, a book or two, and hopefully a hankering to do more. More information can be found on the Workshops page.

  • Is there any Tolkien quote more evocative than Not All Who Wander Are Lost? Tugs at the heart strings of every Hobbit/Lord of the Rings fan, and of those who have never read the books.

  • These little gems are traditionally made using what’s commonly called the Japanese stab binding technique – though it was seen in many other countries as well.

  • Wee Tunnock’s Books


    These books are hand bound after meticulously smoothing out the wrinkles from a recently emptied Tunnock’s wrapper, and stuffed full of Flat White paper (more on that below).

  • This one off artist book was the result of an exploration of the concept of ‘secret’ by instead creating the conceptual opposite; an unveiling of the so-called Secret Belgian Binding technique, by using transparent covers and translucent paper to reveal the stitches hidden within.

  • I live on the beautiful Hebridean island of Iona and never grow tired of gawking at the scenery. It’s a stunning place. The light changes constantly, not just with the seasons and weather but daily. Sometimes hourly.

  • Beinn Book


    My studio overlooks the Sound of Iona and the neighbouring Isle of Mull, just over a mile across the water. On a particularly misty autumn day the fog lay in a way that I had not seen before – perfectly sitting behind the small skerry of rocks directly across from us and veiling the rest of Mull.

  • I am a huge fan of art deco and art nouveau, and Charles Rennie Mackintosh is right at the top of my list of favoured artists and designers. There was no question when I stumbled on these posters of his work that I was going to take them home, and make books out of them.

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